Chakradance-A Souls Awakening


Join facilitator Peggy Litts of Journey of a Soul’s Awakening on a 9 week journey of growth, transformation and self-discovery through Chakradance, a moving meditation.  

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Location: Crystal Coast Unity, 117 East Fort Macon Rd. Atlantic Beach, NC 28515

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$20.00 per class: Pay now and save $140 for all 9 week classes.



Many of us today are busy, stressed, juggling so many different things and meeting so many different demands that we feel disconnected from ourselves. You may find yourself wondering is there more to life than this. Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? This practice has an inward focus allowing you to discover these answers for yourself from within and cultivate a deep sense of balance and wellbeing. No chakra knowledge or dance experience is necessary. 

Peggy will hold a safe and sacred container and provide guided visualization for you to go deeply inside where you are free to embody the full expression of yourself finding your own free movement with eyes closed or gaze lowered. Tune in to the wisdom and intelligence of the chakras, each with its own lessons meanings, and stories. Each week you will anchor your unique experience with the creation of mandala art to integrate these new levels of awareness in to your daily life. 

As we focus on each chakra, it’s as though we are shining a spotlight onto a specific part of ourselves, and onto an area of our lives. You will begin to notice changes in your body and in your life. You may find yourself releasing tension you’ve been holding onto for years and gaining energy for the things that you want to do in your life. Your dance may re-ignite your passion. You may find you have more insights into how to handle difficult situations in your life. You might find more connection in your relationships. You may just feel a lot more relaxed and free.

Leave expectations at the door and come in with an open mind. 


What do I wear, bring along? 

Wear loose, comfortable clothing that you can move freely in. You may want to bring a bottle of water. Feel free to bring an item sacred to you to place at the altar to get charged with the energy of your dance. This could be a crystal, feather, mala, or anything that has significance for you.

Is there a particular way of dancing?

No. Simply trust, let go and allow your body to lead you to where you need to go.

I don’t know anything about the chakras, can I still come? 

Of course! It really doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about the chakras. Although we do provide information about the chakras throughout the classes and workshops, Chakradance is all about experiencing the energy present in your chakras.

What age group is Chakradance for? 

Chakradance is for everyone 18 and older. As each participant finds their own dance, you can move as gently or energetically as you like. Each person can take it at their own pace and fitness level.

What experience am I likely to have during the dance? 

It is best to come to the dance without expectation. You will have a range of different experiences, and it may be different each time you dance it. You may feel the energy of the chakras in a very physical way and by listening to the wisdom of your body, you might find that you receive insights and guidance on what is needed for each chakra right now. Often when we begin to stir the energy of a chakra, emotions and feelings that we have buried inside begin to gently unfold. This is all a natural part of the process of energy shifting, and it is best if you can simply let the process unfold without judging it or trying to change things.

What if I can’t make it to a class? Will I get a refund?

While we realize that you may need to miss a class for any number of reasons, we do not issue refunds for missed classes. 


Chakradance: Awakening – Introduction

Focus inward and tune in to the wisdom and intelligence held in your physical, emotional, and spiritual body. This meditation will be like exploring 7 different worlds within you………instincts, emotions, power, love, expression, intuition and spirituality.


Chakradance: Awakening – Base Chakra: Dance of Mother Earth

It is from this chakra that we connect with our instincts. This dance can help us feel more alive and vibrant…more in tune with our bodies and our environment. It helps us to find an inner stability and a sense of security in our lives. 


Chakradance: Awakening – Sacral Chakra: Dance of Sensuality

It is from this chakra that we connect with our inner feminine energy. Our feminine energy is our receptive/yin energy. The feminine is full of contradictions: she may be soft, sensual, nurturing, sweet, creating, life-giving, or she may be dark, untamed, wild, devouring, ferocious. You want to meet her in an inner journey and hear and feel her messages. 


Chakradance: Awakening – Solar Plexus Chakra: Dance of Power

It is from this chakra that we connect with our innate masculine energy. Our masculine energy is our active/yang energy. This is a transformational journey giving you the opportunity to burn off old perceptions, beliefs and energies. 


Chakradance: Awakening – Heart Chakra: Dance of Love

It is from this chakra that we open to love. When our hearts are truly open, we experience an uplifting joy, a real sense of beauty and freedom. We open up to what the Buddhists call ‘loving kindness’ and we are able to experience genuine and real connection with others. OR When we can embrace both the feminine and masculine parts of ourselves, and become conscious of the dance between them, we become more whole, more empowered. Our relationships become more mature and healthier. A deeper intimacy is formed. 


Chakradance: Awakening – Throat Chakra: Dance of Expression

It is from this chakra that we are able to explore the vibrations of sound. Our words, and the intention behind them, hold vibrations and therefore impact our entire being. When we become more aware of the world on a vibrational level, we open up to communication on a different level – we ‘tune into’ the vibes. We can feel when something, someone, or a place ‘resonates’ with us. 


Chakradance: Awakening – Third Eye Chakra: Dance of Intuition

It is from this chakra that we are able to open up our ‘sixth sense’. The aim of this dance is to focus on our inner vision. To look within and find out what our intuition has to show us. The messages may be subtle, but they are usually deeply powerful. Making this connection to our intuition can help to develop our trust in our inner guidance. 

Chakradance: Awakening – Crown Chakra: Dance of the Soul

It is from this chakra that we are able to embrace the more sacred aspect of our lives. The aim of the dance is to deepen our connection to our spirituality. When we are able to deepen our spiritual connection we begin to find value and depth in the most simple of our daily experiences. We are able to bring a sense of the sacred into our everyday lives. We become more aware of our connection to the universe. 


Chakradance: Awakening – Integration: Dance of Wholeness

The aim of this dance is to bring into view a unified picture of your whole system. We spend time reflecting on each of our mandalas and then complete the journey with a dance of integration and balance.

Additional things to know/bring:

*Please arrive 15 minutes early for the first class only to sign waivers

*Class begins promptly at 7:00 p.m. Door will be locked at that time.

*There will be an option to join a private facebook group with other participants to hold space for each other and share your experiences throughout the series. 

To register, contact Peggy at, 

$20.00 per class: Pay now and save $140 for all 9 week classes.


Pre-registration is required